Trainee Inspector Skills Program

It’s no secret that the majority of South Africa’s schools are not providing the kind of education that equips learners for the workplace of the future, with much of the curriculum still omitting the skills vital to a 21st Century workforce. With the local education system focusing more on teaching students to pass quantitative exams, it’s often up to nongovernmental organisations and other skills transfer bodies to equip today’s unemployed people with the soft and hard skills they require.

It is for this reason that Waidler in partnership with SAIA Members have embraced the journey of imparting the much needed Automotive skills to a group of 20 individuals. Julius Malema echoed this: “Companies are often happy to give funding towards skills development projects, but when it comes down to actually getting involved in mentoring and training learners in workplace-based practical training, the companies are reluctant to get involved and invest time imparting knowledge.”

We have opted to take the path that many do not, We have taken in 20 Trainees for an extensive workplace based practical training. Waidler is investing its time in imparting knowledge to this individuals who have shown amazing commitment to the opportunity they have been afforded. At the end of this program, Waidler together with SAIA Members will absorb the Trainees for permanent sustainable employment.

Our long term plan is ensuring that we continue to run this program yearly and uplift young peoples’ life. We are currently in the process of registering both our company and Skills Program with the  relevant South African Education Authority for accreditation.

“Excellence, Diligence, Endurance”