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About Us

Prevention is our intention


Use of better technology for more safety and transparency.



We wish for South African road traffic to be without fatalities. Our contribution shall focus on:


Creating awareness to everyone of life saving technology.

Independent opinion to all involved parties.

Providing knowledge.

Earn recognition through quality and honesty.

The Enigma of Waidler

The habitats of Germany, Austria and West of Czech Republic respectively call a group of people born in the South East area of Bavaria Germany, “WAIDLERS”. In the Bavarian Forest, a Wailder would call his homeland “WOID”. WAIDLER originates from the word “WOID”.

Waidlers’ Roots

The founder of the company we now call Waidler is a WOID, he was born in 1970 and grew up in the heart of the Bavarian Forest. He came to South Africa in 2010, and founded the company Waidler in 2014.

It is for these reasons that he named the company Waidler, as he was frequently referred to. The choice of the company logo was inspired by the things he lived amongst.

What Inspires Us

Honesty | Accuracy | Strictness | Discipline

The rare Eurasian Lynx, which habitats only in The WOID and the Forest Trees. What does this have to with Automotive Technology and Analysis?


Nothing except passion. Passion for Automotive Mobility, Technology and Vehicles. These passion is transferred into the company with the intention to build it on Precision, Honesty and Discipline. This will show in the services we deliver to all our clients.

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